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Proxy Checker Lite is easy to download and install, it will quickly allow you to test your proxies with its fast engine. When first launched, the program presents a single-window neat interface, ready for your input. To set up for testing, any text file that contains your proxy list can be chosen for insertion into the input box, or your list can be pasted from the clipboard. Next, you should select an output format from the drop down menu at the bottom of the window. The program's supported formats are: text, IP:Port, IP:Port@Type and CSV. The available Anonymity levels include FakeIP, Elite, Any and Anonymous. Turning off the checkboxes that you don't require takes only a click, if you want to get SOCKS or HTTP proxies only select the Save/show valid check box displayed beneath the console. To receive the results of your proxy tests, you can either select a file by using the Browse button at the top of the window, or click on the Console button and your results will be displayed on the console. The console is limited to 8,000 characters so if you expect a huge amount of results it is recommended that you selected an output file. Once you have completed all your inputs, selections and settings, clicking on the Start button will start your Proxy Checker engine tests.

Systems: Windows

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